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Past Issue • Jul-Sep 2014

Which Federal Renewable Energy Policies can be Most Effective?

The Indian government offers a number of policy support mechanisms for renewable power at the federal level. Sandhya Srinivasan compares and contrasts existing renewable energy policies against a proposed set of debt-related policies and provides a framework for choosing the most appropriate policies based on policy priorities. Introduction As India tries to improve energy security and mitigate climate change, the role of renewable energy has become increasingly prominent. The Government of India has set an ambitious target of 15% grid power from renewable energy by 2020 (NAPCC, 2008).


  • Sandhya-Srinivasan

    Sandhya Srinivasan

    Sandhya Srinivasan is an assistant analyst with the CPI-ISB Energy and Environment Programme, Hyderabad office, a joint programme set up by the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) with the Indian School of Business (ISB).
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