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Past Issue • Jan-Mar 2012

Fashion Industry: A Story of Consumption and Waste

Professor Tonya Boone draws upon her research on sustainable supply chains to discuss the impact of fashion industry on the environment and the implications of fast fashion for India..

The fashion industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in the world. According to United Nations Environmental Program, the fashion sector – comprising textile and apparel creation and production, is the second largest global economic activity in terms of trade. The global sector is valued at $1.44 trillion. The Indian industry generated $63 billion in 2010, accounting for14% of industrial production and 4.5 % of GDP. India, one of the largest producers of textiles and apparel, employs 35 million workers, second only to agriculture. I have recently started a project to explore the challenges and opportunities for sustainable, ethical fashion in India. The industry is so large that changes made here would have significant worldwide impact.


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    Tonya Boone

    Associate Professor of Operations Management at the Mason School of Business, College of William and Mary, and a Visiting Scholar at the Indian School of Business (ISB).
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