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Past Issue • Jan-Mar 2010

Enriching Human Capital in the Knowledge Economy

Enriching Human Capital in the Knowledge Economy

The fast pace of technological innovation and quick changes in customer tastes require today’s organisations to frequently adapt to the ever changing market reality. The more nimble they are, the better their chances to come up tops in hyper-competitive scenarios that are now routine. Firms need the ability to learn about ongoing changes in the industry and the knowledge to capitalise on these changes to stay nimble. It thus becomes extremely important for firms to ensure that their employees constantly maintain top-of-the-line skills in this knowledge economy.



    Nishtha Langer

    Assistant Professors of Information Systems at the ISB.
  • Amit-mehra

    Amit Mehra

    Associate Professor of Information Systems and ISB Research Fellow and also the Joint Executive Director, SRITNE at the ISB.
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