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Past Issue • Oct-Dec 2012

Doctoral Education and the Teaching Function

The market for business PhDs will value and reward those PhD graduates who have a specific proficiency in teaching−be they educators, researchers, or sophisticated practitioners argues Professor Arun Pereira.

Phanish Puranam makes a compelling case for modifying the traditional model of doctoral education through specialised “tracks” that would lead to PhD specialists. The three types of specialist tracks he suggests are “researcher,” “educator,” and the “sophisticated practitioner.” Also, he proposes a set of minimum requirements in the curriculum that would be common to all tracks. I think there is a strong case to be made to broaden his proposed common curriculum to include the function of teaching, because irrespective of the specialisation, all three types of PhDs would be expected to perform a teaching role, albeit to var ying degrees.


  • Arun-P-Feb7-2014

    Arun Pereira

    Executive Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Case Development at the Indian School of Business (ISB).
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