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Past Issue • Oct-Dec 2015

Cost Efficiency plus Quality Measures: Prescription for the Indian Healthcare Sector

Cost Efficiency plus Quality Measures: Prescription for the Indian Healthcare Sector

Healthcare stakeholders in India should adopt a consumer driven healthcare approach that would allow meaningful comparison between individual providers and facilities. Such a comparison should be based on a risk adjusted analysis of operational efficiency and price, and the degree to which the services provided by physicians and facilities meet all healthcare quality specifications. This would call for individual providers and facilities to make public their current statistics, not only on prices, but also on their clinical outcomes. So, this paper suggests that the Indian healthcare sector start to self-regulate with the introduction of accurate risk adjusted comparative data.
In recent years, in India, a strong free market, a rapid economic growth and a burgeoning private healthcare sector, have accelerated public demand for consumer centric, high quality, medical care.1 The shift towards a consumer-driven healthcare movement is now further facilitated by the increasing use of social media and online searches by a growing middle class. Today, rather than relying on the Government, a more informed Indian public exhibits rising expectations and it is increasingly intent on making its own choice in matters of personal health, cost and of real or perceived quality of health services.


  • Pierantonio

    Pierantonio Russo

    Professor Pierantonio Russo is Medical Director, Independence Blue Cross, a leading health insurance company operating in the Philadelphia region. He is a visiting faculty at the Indian School of Business and the Wharton School of Business and teaches healthcare management courses. He is also Director, Gift of Life International, a not for profi t organisation, Pennsylvania, which seeks to build cardiac surgery and paediatric cardiac surgery programmes in emerging countries, including India. It offers technical, fi nancial and health management support. As part of Gift of Life International, Professor Russo has worked in various Indian cities and hospitals including Chennai from 2007 to 2011.
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