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Past Issue • Apr-Jun 2011

Climate Change: Action Plan Required

Dr R K Pachauri was at the Indian School of Business (ISB) recently to preside over a symposium, “Climate Change and Sustainability.” He interacted with the students as part of the festivities surrounding the Global Social Venture Competition (Asia-Africa). Assistant Professor Gireesh Shrimali moderated the interaction.

There are considerable uncertainties about climate change with widespread agreement among scientists but disagreement among the public. How can this difference be bridged?

I think the only answer lies in informing the public about the reality of climate change. The fact is that there many with vested interests who would like to sow doubt in people’s minds. There is a very interesting Washington DC-based think tank, Center for Public Integrity and they have published on their Web site that there are 2340 lobbyists in Washington whose job is to see that there is no legislation to deal with climate change. They are funded by 770 companies. So, may I say that they have been rather successful in casting doubts on the scientific validity of climate change?


  • Dr-R-K-Pachauri-Author

    R K Pachauri

    Internationally recognized leader on environmental and energy issues and their policy dimensions and CEO of The Energy and Resources Institute.
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