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The Lesser Evil? Evaluating E-cigarettes Consumption

While cigarette smoking is on the wane, ‘vaping’ is on the rise worldwide. Do e-cigarettes really help smokers kick the nicotine habit? And what may be the best public policy options for regulating their use? Research by Professor Vithala R. Rao and Dr Jialie Chen offers some answers.

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Transforming Data for Policy Impact

Avik Sarkar, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) at NITI Aayog, and in-charge of the NITI Aayog Data Analytics Cell visited the Applied Statistics and Computing Lab at ISB in March 2018. Below are excerpts of his conversation with the Late Professor Bhimasankaram Pochiraju, Clinical Professor and Executive Director of the ASCL.

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Rx ICT: Digitally Disrupting Healthcare

Technology can be a game-changer in addressing the endemic problems that affect the Indian healthcare ecosystem, say Professor Sarang Deo and Hanu Tyagi. However, digital disruption needs careful identification of the right problems to solve.

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How Language Of Instruction Influences Education Outcomes

In a multi-lingual country with large deficits in education, how does the language of instruction influence learning? Drawing on lessons from the British era, Professor Tarun Jain finds that the language-based reorganisation of states helped improved literacy outcomes. In recent decades, mother tongue instruction boosted literacy rates by as much as 18%.

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Saving Lives: Emergency Medical Services in India

By the year 2025, road traffic deaths in India are expected to cross 250,000 annually. Providing timely and high-quality emergency health services is a challenge, given supply-side problems, regulatory and policy issues, and lack of awareness about emergency care in the country. A robust national emergency medical service with an interdisciplinary approach is the need of the hour to complement the country’s still evolving healthcare facilities, argued panelists at a First Practice-based Summit on Emergency Medical Services held at the Indian School of Business.

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