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Past Issues : Knowledge Sessions

Fintech and the Changing Face of Wealth Management

Technology has helped industries to become more efficient, more productive and more appealing to consumers. Just as technology helps us make a purchase, hail a taxi, or even conduct business meetings, microprocessors are now bringing financial planning to all and sundry. However, good financial advice depends on things that robots might overlook, like intellectual capital and an understanding of the …

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Healthcare: The Road Ahead – Opportunities and Challenges

Honchos from a cross-section of private healthcare providers in India got together at ISB recently to brainstorm on the future of the sector. In emerging markets like India, health insurance and technology have emerged the game changers making healthcare accessible to more sections and geographies. But healthcare players need to foray into new markets and technologies with caution if they …

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Value Creation and platform thinking

This is derived from the academic talk delivered by Purdue University’s Professor Karthik Kannan, earlier this year, at the two-day ISB Digital Summit which draws together industry experts, business leaders, marketers and academia to discuss the latest innovation and marketing models. There are huge opportunities in the digital economy that Indians and entrepreneurs in India are taking advantage of. There …

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To Reveal or Not to Reveal: Secrecy in Supply Chain Management

Given uncertain market conditions, electronic firms that outsource production to suppliers face a trade-off between revealing too much about their quantity decisions to competitors, thereby losing profits to well-informed second movers, and revealing too little, thus failing to signal quantity commitments. In full disclosure (FD) and non-disclosure (ND) scenarios, the relative informedness of the second mover and the supplier’s incentive …

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Building a Monitoring and Evaluation System for Better Governance: Lessons for India from other Countries

The Bharti Institute of Public Policy organised a symposium on “International Experience with Monitoring and Evaluation in Government” where former bureaucrats and experts shared best practices. A report on the recommendations and proceedings. For governments to effectively serve citizens and to cultivate public confidence they must focus on performance management and become resultsoriented along with process orientation. It is in this …

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This is no ordinary disruption

No Ordinary Disruption, is an analysis by Jonathan Woetzel, Director, McKinsey Global Institute and Anu Madgavkar, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute, of how mangers need to reset their intuition as a result of the four colliding forces which are transforming the global economy: the rise of emerging markets, the accelerating impact of technology on the natural forces of market competition, …

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ISB and Industry come together to develop Smart Cities Index

Indian School of Business’s (ISB) Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management conducted a two-day workshop to discuss various aspects of the Government of India’s 100 Smart Cities Plan. One of the objectives of the brainstorming at the workshop was also to pave the way for a Smart Cities Index of Indian cities. Gaurav Dubey reports on the proceedings of the …

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Corporate Social Responsibility And the Rise of Social Entrepreneurship

At a recent workshop organised by the Bharti Institute of Public Policy at the Indian School of Business, companies and social enterprises came together to deepen the understanding of CSR and the role of companies in transforming the socio-economic landscape in India.  The Bharti Institute of Public Policy (BIPP) at the Indian School of Business (ISB) joined hands with the British …

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