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Past Issues : Book Review

Innovate Remotely, Benefit Globally

REVERSE INNOVATION: CREATE FAR FROM HOME, WIN EVERYWHERE BY VIJAY GOVINDARAJAN AND CHRIS TRIMBLE REVIEWED BY: Mridula Anand PUBLISHERS: Harvard Business Review Press The gap between rich nations and emerging economies is closing. As a result, the global dynamics of innovation are changing. No longer will innovations traverse the globe in only one direction, from developed nations to developing ones. They will also …

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A City Manager’s Manual: Challenges, Opportunities And The Way Forward

To understand the tightrope that is urban growth management, consider the case of Charlottesville, Virginia, seat of a metropolitan statistical area of under 200000 people at the beginning of the millennium. In 2004, Charlottesville found itself ranked on the top of a list of over 400 metropolitan areas in the United States of America and Canada. The result: housing prices boomed …

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The 10 Commandments for Family Business

Many of Indian family-owned businesses have moved a long distance from the days when they believed that the companies they ran are pieces of a cake that must be shared equally by all members of a family in a strictly private celebration. There are indeed several shining examples of family-owned companies who have successfully adopted the principle of separating management …

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Managing Marketing: An Applied Approach

“Managing Marketing: An Applied Approach” is a great book for anyone who has to put into action a well thought through marketing strategy – as to what, how, when and where to implement the marketing tools that a firm has at its disposal. This book is useful for all types of business managers – be it in the context of …

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Debunking the Growing Myth of a China Inc.

In his short book “Is China Buying the World?”, Peter Nolan makes an analysis of the current view that global media has of representing China as a rising global power who is ‘buying the world’. A leading commentator on Chinese business and economics, Nolan examines the rise of China as a global power buoyed by the economic reforms initiated in …

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Reimagining India – Unlocking The Potential of Asia’s Next Superpower

‘Reimagining India – Unlocking the Potential of Asia’s Next Superpower’ is not merely another book to be read and passed on. It is a unique and remarkable effort to bring together perspectives of some of the top business leaders, academicians, sportsmen, and thinkers from India and abroad, on the various facets that together help carve out a kaleidoscope of issues, …

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(Mis)Understanding Economic Growth and Development

An accurate understanding of the process of economic growth is a prerequisite for intervention as well as abstention from interference by the government and civil society. The ultimate policy objective is economic development – a qualitative improvement in the lives of the populace. The benefits accruing to the populace depend on the nature of economic growth, which can be services-led, …

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A review of “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”

In her much talked about manifesto, “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, enjoins women to navigate beyond their comfort zones and pursue their professional goals diligently. Sandberg’s overarching vision for women is to rise to the challenge of managing, and subsequently, leading. A powerful executive with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Sandberg believes it is time to …

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Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is back with another book on the role uncertainty plays in economic  life. Readers of his earlier books Fooled by Randomness and Black Swan will  have a fair idea of what to expect from Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder in terms  of  subject matter. However, Antifragile is the most engrossing of the three books. “Fooled  by Randomness” …

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Thinking, Fast and Slow

More than 33 years ago, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, two Israeli psychologists, published their celebrated paper, “Prospect Theory: An Analysis of Decision under Risk,” in the journal Econometrica. In this seminal paper, Kahneman and Tversky explained that people make decisions based on gains and losses arising out of a choice instead of final wealth levels. Since then, the major …

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