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Do Consumers Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is? Ethical Consumerism and Dual Attitudes

Even though consumer interest in ethical products has increased in recent times, a significant gap exists between what most consumers say about their intent to buy and what they actually end up buying. Research by Professor Rahul Govind, Professor Jatinder Jit Singh, Professor Nitika Garg and Shachi D’Silva, tries to explain this puzzle, revealing useful insights for ethical product makers and marketers.

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How to Forge a Make in India Success Story

Baba Kalyani, the Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Forge Limited, was the Dean’s Speaker in August 2018. Milind Sohoni, Professor of Operations Management and Deputy Dean, Faculty Development at the Indian School of Business, caught up with Baba Kalyani to discuss the lessons for a Make in India manufacturing revolution from the Bharat Forge success story.

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From Skilling to AI: An Indian IT Innovation Journey

Rajendra Pawar, Chairman and Co-Founder of the NIIT Group and founding member of the Governing and Executive Boards at the Indian School of Business, visited the school in September 2018. Reema Gupta, Head of the Centre for Learning and Management Practice at the ISB spoke with him about NIIT’s journey as a pioneer in the information technology skilling and services sectors.

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The Gender Challenge

Mallika Srinivasan, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, was the keynote speaker at the Indian School of Business graduation ceremony in April 2018. Saumya Sindhwani, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Strategy group at ISB spoke to Mallika Srinivasan about her experience in working in the male-dominated tractor industry and her thoughts on gender diversity in business.

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The Chimera of India’s Half a Billion Customers

Do billions of users really drive US and Chinese tech titans’ big valuations? Will the prosperity of India’s nearly half a billion online users grow enough to make India the next big prize for digital dominance after China? In this video, Professor Tejpavan Gandhok, Clinical Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the ISB questions these two common assumptions.

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Beyond the Exotic: Branding India

Despite India’s dominance in the IT services industry, the world doesn’t perceive India as a modern economy with a competent workforce. Research by Professor Durairaj Maheshwaran and Malika explains the reasons behind this perception and defines ways to change stereotypes to foster confidence in Brand India.

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Standalone Family Firms Lead on Gender Parity

Research has found that gender diverse firms result in better shareholder value, say Dr Nupur Bang, Professor Raveendra Chittoor, Professor Kavil Ramachandran and Anierudh Vishwanathan. In India, standalone family firms are the leaders when it comes to gender-diverse Boards of Directors.

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The Finance Four

Can home businesses succeed? Which banks use credit scores to evaluate loan applications and why? How has growth of e-commerce retailers like Amazon affected employment and revenues in local retail? And how does better connectivity through roads affect access to credit? On behalf of ISBInsight, Ujval Nanavati spoke with authors of four fascinating research papers presented at the ISB Centre for Analytical Finance’s Summer Research Conference 2018.

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