Pricing Strategy for Service Start-ups: How to Employ Access and Usage Fee?

Pricing is especially important for products consumed in multiple units, because not only does the firm need to set a price point, but it also needs to pick a pricing scheme and balance between charging for access to the service and for each unit used. This paper defines new guidelines for helping firms pick the right pricing scheme based on the nature of heterogeneity in buyers’ consumption levels and valuations for the product.

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Co-opetition: Impact of Technology Asymmetry on Platform Competition and Collaboration

Technology-enabled platforms facilitate interactions between multiple sets of users. Without these platforms, such interactions may be difficult, inefficient, too costly, or even impossible. The primary focus of this research is to understand the role that technology asymmetries play in influencing competition and collaboration between heterogenous technology-enabled platforms. Two possible modes of collaboration between platforms are explored. The research also evaluates the resulting impact on customer and social welfare.

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Managing Divided Attitudinal Loyalty of Business Customers

Customers show divided attitudinal loyalty towards various brands. Companies are not adept at handling customers’ divided loyalties because not much is known about this issue. A study by S. Arunachalam and his colleague helps in achieving a nuanced understanding of the reasons and motivations for customers’ divided loyalty attitudes. They also make recommendations on how firms can effectively manage divided-loyal customers through effective dealer relationships and strategies.

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