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Management Briefs : Research in Focus

Whose Bread I Eat, His Song I Sing? Not If I Am an Auditor

Should the gatekeepers of a firm be hired and paid by the very firm they are to watch over? A new study evaluates the common belief that there is a fundamental conflict of interest in the hiring and firing of auditors by clients. Based on the research of Gil S. Bae, Sanjay Kallapur and Joon Hwa Rho The hiring and firing of …

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Organisational Knowledge Networks and Local Search

Firms will benefit by having a better understanding of the search behaviour of their inventors, which in turn helps them optimally utilise their knowledge resources. Based on the research of Srikanth Paruchuri and Snehal Awate Firms operating in knowledge-based industries conduct extensive R&D activities, in the process creating a huge knowledge base. The important question is how to optimally utilise this knowledge …

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Taking Stock of India’s Food Subsidy Bill

Based on the research of Bharat Ramaswami, Sridhar Seshadri and Krishnamurthy V Subramanian How increasing minimum support prices are leading to burgeoning buffer stocks for cereals, persistent food inflation and increasing food subsidy. Over the last two decades, the role of the Indian government in stabilising prices of grains has led to significant accumulation of food grain stock. While procurement prices have …

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Position in Sequence Matters: How Previous Hedonic Experiences May Bias Current Evaluations

Based on the research of Tanuka Ghoshal, Eric Yorkston, Joseph C. Nunes and Peter Boatwright Marketing managers often have the responsibility of setting the sequence of hedonistic or indulgent experiences for customers, who evaluate them and give feedback, which is used in developing future events and experiences. Thus, making sure the end user enjoys his experiences is important to achieve the …

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Effect of Derivative Gains/ Losses on CEO Compensation

Based on the research of Hariom Manchiraju, Susan Hamlen, William Kross, and Inho Suk Firms use derivatives for hedging (reducing risk) and non-hedging purposes (possibly risky investments). These activities have a significant impact on the overall earnings of the firm. Should CEO compensation be based on such derivative gains/ losses? Hariom Manchiraju, Assistant Professor in the Accounting area at the Indian …

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