How Marketing Capabilities Shape Financial Performance

ISBInsight Management Briefs is pleased to showcase an important contribution to the field of marketing strategy by Dean Professor Rajendra Srivastava and Visiting Scholar Professor Sridhar Ramaswami. First published in 2009, this research identifies the pathways through which market-facing business processes add value to the firm’s financial performance. The insights from this research can be applied by managers in designing optimal customer management, product development, and supply chain strategies.

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Build Human Capital or Buy it?

Hiring the right people is critical for companies to reduce employee attrition and enhance returns from human resources. Companies commonly use two broad strategies to hire — either ‘build’, i.e., recruit novices, or ‘buy’, i.e., hire experienced workers from competitors. Based on his research, ISB Professor Amit Chauradia suggests conditions under which the company can maximise economic benefits from either of the two strategies.

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Tapping the Sceptical Donor: A Novel Funding Approach for Non-profits

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) typically raise all the funds required for the project upfront. In this so-called “traditional approach”, the implementation of the project begins only when all the funds are raised, thus delaying implementation and service delivery. In order to overcome this challenge, NPOs are using a novel funding approach that Professors Sripad Devalkar, Milind Sohoni and Arora call “ex post funding”. The researchers offer guidance on how non-profit organizations can best deploy this new approach to improve the delivery of social benefits from their activities.

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