“Create Templates, Not Blueprints”: How to Do Policy with Impact

Why policy blueprints are a bad idea for a country like India and how to increase grassroots involvement in governance: Professor Ashwini Chhatre, Academic Director of the Bharti Institute of Public Policy, explains. ISBInsight: How do you see digital technology playing out at the policy level in your work at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy? Ashwini Chhatre: Digital technology has made …

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“We Want to Create More Flipkarts”: Generating Innovation Systematically

Professor Anand Nandkumar explains India’s different innovation dimensions and the need to systematically manage them for sustainable breakthrough ideas. ISBInsight: An emerging trend in innovation is cluster development. This is where universities and start-ups are coming together and working with businesses to invest in ideation as well as execution. What are some benefits and challenges of this approach? Anand Nandkumar: There are …

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Managers Who Use AI Will Replace Those Who Don’t

Professor Deepa Mani comments on India’s race for innovation with China and urges managers to make technology their friend. We have moved in the past decade from a rather simple understanding of IT to a nuanced evolution of a networked economy. How do you see this transformation from your vantage point at SRITNE? Deepa Mani: Over the past decade, there have been two …

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Are People Managers in India Ready for Change?

Is India ready to embrace a composite workforce with robots and humans, diverse demographic segments, and public-private sector talent sharing? Professor Chandrasekhar Sripada, Executive Director of ISB’s Human Capital and Leadership Initiative (HC&LI), provides his expert views. ISBInsight: If you look at current trends in human capital and technology, what are some takeaways for people managers in this environment? Chandrasekhar Sripada: Almost …

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