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Jan-Mar 2017

Clusterpreneurship: Do entrepreneurs create and sustain clusters?

The emergence of start-up activity in the ICT sector has shown an exponential increase after 2010. The trends that stand out explain the emergence of ICT start-ups and the regional concentration of start-ups in this sector. In this article, the authors trace the evolution of ICT start-ups and provide some insights on the sectoral and geographical patterns in the industry, …

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The Digital Transformation of R&D

The authors, in this study, use a network perspective to analyse technology spillovers from the Information and communication technology (ICT) industry and their impact on modern R&D. They specifically, use patent data from the NBER Patent Database to construct a network of inter-sectoral technology flows. Executive Summary In his letter to shareholders in 20131, General Electric (GE) CEO Jeffrey R …

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Complementary Roles of PCs and Smartphones in Enabling Digital India

The research by Professors Sundar Bharadwaj, S Arunachalam, and Ananthanarayanan S indicates that India’s technological revolution, which is heavily based on smartphone usage, is yet to address several critical areas of knowledge building. For the Digital India Programme to be effective, India needs to be a knowledge based economy as well as a digitally empowered one and hence, a good …

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Engaging in Real-Time: Understanding the Effect of ‘Real-Time’ Social Media Messages On Consumer Engagement

This research contributes to the academic literature, by understanding characteristics of real-time marketing (RTM) messages on social media and systematically looking at its impact on consumer engagement. The researchers empirically examine the effect of RTM messages on consumer engagement in social media and integrate insights from practice (using field interviews) and existing theory to propose and test two mechanisms by …

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Self-Organising Smart Cities

Convergence of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and conventional technologies are enabling the rise of smart cities. However, it’s imperative that adequate consideration of other related factors be taken into account. In this article, the author stresses upon the appreciation of the context and the precise needs for successful establishment of ‘smart cities’. The concept of ‘smart cities’, as a means …

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Fintech and the Changing Face of Wealth Management

Technology has helped industries to become more efficient, more productive and more appealing to consumers. Just as technology helps us make a purchase, hail a taxi, or even conduct business meetings, microprocessors are now bringing financial planning to all and sundry. However, good financial advice depends on things that robots might overlook, like intellectual capital and an understanding of the …

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Failure is a Necessary Part of Innovation

Sanjay Subhedar, founding Managing Director of Storm Ventures, and member of the Governing Board, ISB was at the Indian School of Business, and during his conversation with C Chitti Pantulu, former Director – Marketing and Communications, talked about the start-up environment in India, innovation landscape and the e-commerce space. Chitti Pantulu: Innovation is coming from unseen quarters. And looking at it …

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