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What Really Decides the Pay of Division Managers

Do you manage one division of a large multi-division organisation? The surprising factors that determine your pay lie not only within your own division, but also in the performance of other divisions. Professor Shashwat Alok explains the results of a research study that carefully compiled data on division manager (DM) pay contracts. Shashwat Alok is Assistant Professor of Finance at the …

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The Hidden Factors Underlying India’s Skewed Child Sex Ratio

Based on the research of Tarun Jain Why does India have only 918 girls to every 1000 boys in the 0-6 age group? Surprisingly, the answer lies not only in discrimination against girls, but also in land inheritance traditions, says Professor Tarun Jain. As a result of parental competition for boys, girls grow up in larger families, get a smaller share …

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The Banking Canvas

Viral V Acharya, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, visited the Indian School of Business to deliver the keynote address at the Centre for Analytical Finance (CAF) annual Summer Research Conference in July 2017. Dr Acharya, who was also the CAF Academic Fellow for 2017, has had an illustrious academic career and is also C. V. Starr Professor …

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(Dis)Connecting People? 2016 Indian Demonetisation and Mobile Phone Markets

BY CHIRANTAN CHATTERJEE, SHREEKANTH MAHENDIRAN AND NEIL SHAH Could a macroeconomic policy shock like the 2016 Indian demonetisation have microeconomic implications for firms? The authors investigate this question in the context of the Indian mobile phone industry. They find that in the post-demonetisation period, Chinese smartphone manufacturers gained unintended advantages in the market relative to Indian and global firms. On November 8, …

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Saving Lives: Emergency Medical Services in India

BY MILIND SOHONI, WITH ANUBRATA BANERJEE By the year 2025, road traffic deaths in India are expected to cross 250,000 annually. Providing timely and high-quality emergency health services is a challenge, given supply-side problems, regulatory and policy issues, and lack of awareness about emergency care in the country. A robust national emergency medical service with an interdisciplinary approach is the need …

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