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Past Issue • Oct-Dec 2015

Capacity Building for Smart Cities

Capacity Building for Smart Cities

A capacity building programme for building 100 smart cities needs to include training, education, research, funding, knowledge exchange and the creation of a national database. The programme also needs to lay down an approach for financing smart city projects with a clear understanding of area-based development and a process for stakeholder engagement.
The Government has taken up a mega-programme for developing 100 Smart Cities and also rejuvenating and transforming 500 cities in the country. An amount of R98000 crores (approx $16 billion) has been earmarked for this programme over the next five years. The State Governments are expected to contribute a matching amount. A large programme of this nature has been necessitated due to a realisation that improving our urban areas is critical for the future economic development of the country. It has also been recognised that building our urban areas needs a massive effort at capacity building.


  • O P Aggrawal

    O P Agrawal

    Executive Director, Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management at ISB.
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