S Arunachalam

S. Arunachalam is Professor of Marketing at Indian School of Business

IoT, Big Data and Privacy: Marketing Futures

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi4LUvjgWHI S Arunachalam: What do you think are going to be the five big trends in marketing academia and marketing practice? Rob Palmatier: It is hard to nail down just five specific trends. I think there are a number of trends. When it comes to marketing academia versus marketing practice, in my own case, in nearly all of my personal research, I …

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FMCG Lessons for Pharma

 By Meenakshee Sinha and S. Arunachalam What were the key success factors for Arogya Parivar, a bottom-of-the-pyramid initiative by Swiss pharmaceutical major Novartis? In this article, Meenakshee Sinha and Professor S. Arunachalam present a replicable fast-moving consumer good blueprint for rural marketing based on the Arogya Parivar experience. The Transforming Pharma Landscape In the past century, scientific breakthroughs and economic development enabled pharmaceutical …

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Complementary Roles of PCs and Smartphones in Enabling Digital India

The research by Professors Sundar Bharadwaj, S Arunachalam, and Ananthanarayanan S indicates that India’s technological revolution, which is heavily based on smartphone usage, is yet to address several critical areas of knowledge building. For the Digital India Programme to be effective, India needs to be a knowledge based economy as well as a digitally empowered one and hence, a good …

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Managing Divided Attitudinal Loyalty of Business Customers

Based on the research of S. Arunachalam and Sridhar N. Ramaswami Customers show divided attitudinal loyalty towards various brands. Companies are not adept at handling customers’ divided loyalties because not much is known about this issue. A study by S. Arunachalam and his colleague helps in achieving a nuanced understanding of the reasons and motivations for customers’ divided loyalty attitudes. They …

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