Rajib Saha

Assistant Professor of Information Systems, ISB.

More Bang for Your Digital Spend: Technology and R&D

Based on the research of Deepa Mani, Rajib Saha, and Aditya K.S. Digitisation of research and development can generate significant returns for firms, argue ISB Professor Deepa Mani and colleagues, based on an empirical study of technology spill-overs from the IT industry across an array of other industries. Technology laggards risk being left behind as industry boundaries are redefined. Digitisation today holds …

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Co-opetition: Impact of Technology Asymmetry on Platform Competition and Collaboration

Based on the research of Rajib L Saha and Ravi Mantena.  An analysis of how asymmetries in platform technology affect incentives for collaboration Abstract: Technology-enabled platforms facilitate interactions between multiple sets of users. Without these platforms, such interactions may be difficult, inefficient, too costly, or even impossible. The primary focus of this research is to understand the role that technology asymmetries play in …

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The Digital Transformation of R&D

The authors, in this study, use a network perspective to analyse technology spillovers from the Information and communication technology (ICT) industry and their impact on modern R&D. They specifically, use patent data from the NBER Patent Database to construct a network of inter-sectoral technology flows. Executive Summary In his letter to shareholders in 20131, General Electric (GE) CEO Jeffrey R …

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