Fix Public Sector Banks Capitalisation

“Unless the capitalisation of PSBs is fixed, double-digit economic growth would have to remain a pipe dream,” says Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian.http://blogs.economictimes.indiatimes.com/et-commentary/fix-public-sector-bank-capitalisation-to-stabilise-indian-economy/

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Ecomm giants are setting homes along country roads

“Now companies only have very loose control over the seller distribution system in rural areas. So they will have to set up completely new models of distributing," says Professor Siddharth Singh. http://myimpact.impactmeasurement.co.in/impact/clip_new.php?id=0c1fd446b1546237030dc8f06169be56&id2=9c058240ef2752e73d433eb4e246e2d6

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World Bank lowers its global growth forecasts

“India is pegged to be among the fastest growing economies in the world.” says Professor Rajesh Chakrabarti http://myimpact.impactmeasurement.co.in/impact/clip_new.php?id=a5e66cb2b112b71b3078e4ebffd3abdc&id2=9c058240ef2752e73d433eb4e246e2d6

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The founder’s dilemma

A founding CEO “has to be a visionary with strategic thinking and capabilities to scale up through successful execution,” says Professor Kavil Ramchandran. http://buzz.mw/b6pse_n

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Scions break away from family businesses

Professor Kavil Ramachandran says that the Birla, Mittal scions do not share the business ideas of their parents, however they have the same entrepreneurial zeal, while explaining this new trend of young generation not continuing in the family business. http://buzz.mw/bgwhu_n

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