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Kavil Ramachandran

Executive Director of the Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise at the Indian School of Business.

Ketan Logistics: Charting the Next Route

Navneet Bhatnagar and Professor Kavil Ramachandran of Indian School of Business (ISB) wrote this case that highlights the challenges faced by Mumbai based logistics firm Ketan Logistics Limited, a family-owned business. Emerging changes in the transportation industry and shrinking margins called for newer initiatives and processes. The greater challenge, however, came from within the group. The conflict between the aspirations …

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The 10 Commandments for Family Business

Many of Indian family-owned businesses have moved a long distance from the days when they believed that the companies they ran are pieces of a cake that must be shared equally by all members of a family in a strictly private celebration. There are indeed several shining examples of family-owned companies who have successfully adopted the principle of separating management …

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State of Family Togetherness in Indian Family Businesses

Indian Family Businesses form the ‘backbone’ of the Indian economy and hence there is a need to extend the life span of these family businesses so that the economy can continue to derive benefit from their contribution. Executive Director of Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise at ISB, Professor Kavil Ramachandran and Research Associate at the Centre, Navneet Bhatnagar, explore …

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Continuity of Family Business Across Generations

Less than 30 percent of family businesses survive into the third generation of family ownership. Family businesses can go under for many reasons, including family conflicts over money, nepotism leading to poor management, and infighting over the succession of power from one generation to the next. Executive Director of Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise at ISB, Professor Kavil Ramachandran …

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Ensuring Family and Business Continuity at India’s GMR Group

In an engaging tale about the Indian family business behemoth, the GMR Group, Professor Kavil Ramachandran, Professor John L Ward, Rachna Jha and Sachin Waikar, look at the multifarious issues that underpin family businesses. The GMR Group had reached great heights of success, but disagreements and confl icts among family members threatened to hamper its progress. To counter this, GM …

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Family and Corporate Philanthropy: Emerging Trends In India

Authors Professor K Ramachandran, Thomas Schmidheiny Chair Professor of Family Business and Wealth Management at ISB and Rachna Jha, Research Assistant, encapsulate the genesis and growth of philanthropy in India. The  adage "give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime" is at the heart of the difference …

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