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Build Human Capital or Buy it?

Based on the dissertation research of Amit Chauradia Hiring the right people is critical for companies to reduce employee attrition and enhance returns from human resources. Companies commonly use two broad strategies to hire -- either ‘build’, i.e., recruit novices, or ‘buy’, i.e., hire experienced workers from competitors. Based on his research, ISB Professor Amit Chauradia suggests conditions under which the …

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From Grain to Gain: Lessons for Indian Farm Policy

Based on the research of Shilpa Aggarwal, Eilin Francis, Jonathan Robinson By demonstrating savings behaviour to help farmers take advantage of inter-temporal price fluctuations between harvest and lean seasons, ISB Professor Shilpa Aggarwal and colleagues created a model for Kenyan farmers to maximise maize sales and revenues. Their findings can help inform the creation of seasonal arbitrage opportunities for Indian smallholder …

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More Data Needed to Evaluate Demonetisation

The publication of Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) annual report has rekindled the debate on the costs and benefits of demonetisation. The fact that more than 98% of the invalidated high value notes came back to the banking system is widely used as evidence supporting the view that demonetisation has failed to curb the black money menace. Supporters of demonetisation …

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Meru Cabs: A Spectacular Growth Story

meru cabs, meru, cabs, radio cabs, radio taxi, taxi, taxi (transit vehicle type), indiaBased on the case study by Sridhar Seshadri, Arohini Narain and Meena Saxena. How can a company integrate its strategy, technology and process to break even and yet offer world-class services to its customers? Set in August 2011, Meru Cabs: A Spectacular Growth Story is a case that documents …

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Environmental and Societal Considerations in Decision Making

How can operations management concepts be applied to understand outcomes in healthcare settings such as the recovery of organs for transplantation or in environmental settings such as public dissemination of information on the relative hazards of chemicals? Professor Ravi Subramanian speaks about his research. Ravi Subramanian is Visiting Professor, ISB and Associate Professor of Operations Management, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech.

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The Stress in Indian Public Sector Banks

The health of Indian public sector banks has come under intense spotlight in recent times. Professor Subramanian highlights findings from a critical analysis of the performance of public sector banks. His research raises several concerns about the health of Indian public sector banks and thereby the efficacy of the Indian banking system going forward. Krishnamurthy V Subramanian is Associate Professor of Finance …

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Wise Managerial Judgement amongst Community Bankers

How do managers create value for various stakeholders? By building three primary values, says Professor Harris Sondak. Based on his research findings, Professor Sondak discusses three dimensions by which managers create value for stakeholders: material values, ethical values and aesthetic values. Professor Harris Sondak is David Eccles Professor of Business and Ethics and Professor of Management at the David Eccles School …

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