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Are People Managers in India Ready for Change?

ISBInsight: If you look at current trends in human capital and technology, what are some takeaways for people managers in this environment? Chandrasekhar Sripada: Almost in a manner of prescription, I believe the first thing people managers have to do is to embrace the new technology more proactively, instead of being anxious about it. Adopt technology and don’t resist it. Human …

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Meru Cabs: A Spectacular Growth Story

Based on the case study by Sridhar Seshadri, Arohini Narain and Meena Saxena. Customer and Company Meru Cabs was launched with a fleet of just 45 cabs in Mumbai in 2007 by Neeraj Gupta, a first-generation entrepreneur. Funding came from a Mumbai-based private equity firm -- India Value Fund Advisors. Meru’s ambition was to build a world-class radio-taxi services company and scale …

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Environmental and Societal Considerations in Decision Making

How can operations management concepts be applied to understand outcomes in healthcare settings such as the recovery of organs for transplantation or in environmental settings such as public dissemination of information on the relative hazards of chemicals? Professor Ravi Subramanian speaks about his research. Ravi Subramanian is Visiting Professor, ISB and Associate Professor of Operations Management, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech.

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The Stress in Indian Public Sector Banks

The health of Indian public sector banks has come under intense spotlight in recent times. Professor Subramanian highlights findings from a critical analysis of the performance of public sector banks. His research raises several concerns about the health of Indian public sector banks and thereby the efficacy of the Indian banking system going forward. Krishnamurthy V Subramanian is Associate Professor of Finance …

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Impact of CSR on Shareholder Value

How does corporate social responsibility (CSR) impact shareholder value? Drawing on the results of one of his studies, Professor Hariom Manchiraju explains that shareholders of companies that are required by regulation to spend on CSR tend to experience negative stock-market reaction. Regulation that makes CSR compulsory tends to make shareholders view CSR as being burdensome and not in their best …

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Risk and Returns in Last Mile Marketing Strategies

What strategies can companies use to reach customers in the last mile? Professor Sundar Bharadwaj highlights one of his studies that examines the impact of marketing skill development on outcomes. Professor Bharadwaj examines how companies can leverage local relationships and village-level entrepreneurs to alleviate risks and access rural markets. Professor Sundar Bharadwaj. The Coca Cola Company Chair Professor, Terry School of …

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The Tyranny of a Level Playing Field

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. Chances are transport regulators in Karnataka have never read the aforementioned quote. And if they have, it appears they have not internalized its teachings in their day job. Little else explains their recent proposal to prescribe both a floor and a cap for cab aggregators operating in the state. Not to be …

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Ketan Logistics: Charting the Next Route

Based on the case study by Navneet Bhatnagar and Kavil Ramachandran KLL - The Growth Story Ketan Logistics Limited (KLL) had started out as a modest commercial transportation business in 1986 and emerged as an integrated, end-to-end logistics service provider by 2014. The company had grown from strength to strength. At the helm of affairs was Rohit’s father, Ravi Kumar Gupta, KLL’s Chairman …

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