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A Simple Sentence: The Turnaround in Bihar

Abhayanand, Additional Director General of Police, Bihar, was at the Indian School of Business (ISB) to talk about the recent transformation in the northern state. “If you can word your problem in a sentence, you can solve it.” With this simple idea, Abhayanand established the basis for change in the law and order landscape of Bihar. The Bihar story began with the …

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Nation-Building From the Roots

Her Excellency Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of India, visited the Indian School of Business (ISB) on occasion of the institute’s 10th anniversary celebrations. She addressed the ISB community on how young business leaders could achieve inclusive growth and contribute towards nation-building. “Align your goals with the priorities of the nation,” urged Pratibha Patil, President of India to a packed audience comprising …

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Mahesh Peri: The Media Today

Mahesh Peri, Publisher, Outlook Magazine, was at the Indian School of Business (ISB) to talk about media and life at the news desk. “Baptism of fire,” is how Mahesh Peri, Publisher, Outlook magazine described his foray into the world of media and news reporting. Moving from a comfortable position in investment banking, Peri was slapped (literally) on one occasion by members …

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E-Marketing: Theory and Application

Whether you are a “bricks and mortar” business or an online travel portal, e-marketing is a force you cannot ignore. Stephen Dann and Susan Dann take us through a brief history of the Internet and the journey of how e-marketing strategies have evolved. The authors combine theoretical knowledge with case studies and present useful tips for businesses looking to build their …

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How Can We Build Inclusive Cities?

The Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions at the Indian School of Business (ISB) organized a panel discussion on the challenges of ensuring that the city works for all its stakeholders. Panelists included Mala Rao from Indian Institute of Public Health; Jockin Arputham from National Slum Dwellers Federation; Manoj Kumar from Naandi Foundation and Jerry Rao from Value and Budget Housing …

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The Indian Way of Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club and the Women in Business Club jointly hosted a panel on “The Indian Way of Entrepreneurship” at the Indian School of Business (ISB) recently as part of the Leadership Summit. V S S Mani of Just Dial, the telephone directory, Professor Nandini Vaidyanathan of CARMa, an entrepreneur development center, Hari Balasubramanian of RP Infosystems, …

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The Idea of Justice

The modern theory of justice, expounded in the work of John Rawls and other social philosophers, has been dominated by the ‘transcendental institutionalism’ school of thought that focuses on identifying ‘just’ institutional arrangements for a society. In their quest to identify ideal institutional structures and formulate social contracts to determine acceptable norms of behaviour, they lose sight of the behaviour …

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A Matter of Trust

The Tata Group has gone beyond the pursuit of the top-line and the bottom-line to provide funding support to innumerable individuals and institutional causes. In the course of its philanthropic activities, which spans approximately eighty years, there have been clear watermarks where the Trust has adapted to the challenges of changing times, always spearheading new innovations in Indian philanthropy. The word …

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