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The Indian Agriculture Crisis: Perspectives and Interventions

With each passing year, the Indian agricultural crisis is deepening. Farmer protests, dumping agricultural produce on streets and distress sales across India are some manifestations of this critical situation. What lessons can be learnt from the initiatives taken by the central and state governments, such as loan waivers (in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh), direct benefit transfers (in Telangana …

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Book Briefs

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Ceilings of Glass and Concrete: Making Women’s Work Count

On 27 December 2018, the Indian School of Business hosted acclaimed economist Devaki Jain and celebrated author Pratima Rao Gluckman. The panel was introduced by Women’s Excellence Initiative (WEI) Co-Director Reema Gupta and moderated by ISBInsight Editor Ashima Sood. Jain and Rao Gluckman discussed the challenges faced by women in the workplace, in India and worldwide. Jain is the author of …

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Women’s Excellence Initiative (WEI)

Reema Gupta in Conversation with Yogini Joglekar The Women’s Excellence Initiative at ISB is spearheading discussions on the gender gap in India and creating solutions through research, education and outreach on three focus areas: women at the grassroots, women in corporate India and Millennial women. Reema Gupta, Head of the Centre for Learning and Management Practice and Co-director of Women's Excellence Initiative at …

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All is Well: Health Care Branding at Be Well Hospitals

ISBInsight: How did Be Well capture your attention? What motivated you to create a case study for it? Piyush Kumar: I was on the lookout for cases in the health care sector for my Services Management course. Health care is a large sector that is not generally known to focus on building customer centric service models. But Be Well Hospitals fulfilled …

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Disrupting Healthcare in India: Technology in Play

Digital health startups in India are discovering new avenues to provide innovative services to consumers. Catering to such a complex business environment can pose several challenges new entrants in the market. What are the approaches to consider when innovating in the digital health startup landscape in India? What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from successful health startups? Professor Sarang Deo of …

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Off-field: Sports Performance, Business Bottom Line

Deepak Agrawal: Welcome to ISB. We are keen to learn from your experiences as a sportsperson and as the founder of Proem Analytics. Can you tell us about your journey? Chiraag Paul: Like any young boy, I was always very keen on sports. I was fortunate enough to play at a professional level. At a young age, I initially started out …

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