Galit Shmuéli

Tsing Hua Distinguished Professor, Institute of Service Science, and Director of the Center for Service Innovation & Analytics ,College of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.

Tree-Based Approach for Addressing Self-selection in Impact Studies with Big Data

Professor Galit Shmueli discusses a machine learning algorithm called ‘tree-based approach’ that can be deployed on large and small data sets to overcome problems of self-selection. The tree-based approach can be effectively used to adjust for observable self-selection bias in intervention studies in management research. Galit Shmueli is Tsing Hua Distinguished Professor at the Institute of Service Science, and Director of …

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Predictive Analytics for Business Growth

In this article, Professor Galit Shmuéli explores the salient characteristics of predictive analytics in the context of retail, debunks certain myths and suggests untapped regionally-specific new possibilities. Where Business Meets Statistics Technological advancements and the availability and accessibility of data within companies are facilitating fact-based and insightful decision-making. With closer connections among business experts, statisticians and data engineers, advanced analytics can be implemented …

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Data Analytics: The Foundation of a Successful Business

Professor Ram Gopal, a visiting faculty at the ISB,  talks to Galit Shmueli, tenured Associate Professor of Statistics and Information Systems and SRITNE Chaired Professor of Data Analytics. There is some confusion regarding the terminologies: data analytics, data mining, business analytics and business intelligence. Can you clarify if they are synonyms or if they have different meanings? When I was growing up, …

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