Chirantan Chatterjee

Chirantan Chatterjee is Assistant Professor in the economics and public policy area at the Indian School of Business where he is also Research Fellow at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Max Institute of Healthcare Management.

Word of Mouth Matters for Healthcare

What drives uptake of tertiary healthcare services? Word of mouth effects may have an important role to play, say Professor Chirantan Chatterjee and his co-authors. Hospitals across India set up many free health check-ups every year. Health activists often run campaigns on ways to screen diseases such as breast cancer and cervical cancer. Despite such efforts, awareness about many diseases remains …

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(Dis)Connecting People? 2016 Indian Demonetisation and Mobile Phone Markets

BY CHIRANTAN CHATTERJEE, SHREEKANTH MAHENDIRAN AND NEIL SHAH Could a macroeconomic policy shock like the 2016 Indian demonetisation have microeconomic implications for firms? The authors investigate this question in the context of the Indian mobile phone industry. They find that in the post-demonetisation period, Chinese smartphone manufacturers gained unintended advantages in the market relative to Indian and global firms. On November 8, …

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