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Past Issue • Jul-Sep 2011

Access to Financing for SMEs: A Research-based Initiative

This article elaborates on the ISB initiative to influence the relevant constituencies (SME associations, financial institutions, finance ministry, the RBI) to come aboard on the trade credit securitisation drive.

It is a central mission of Centre for Analytical Finance (CAF) to encourage and promote original research focusing on Indian capital markets by faculty and Centres of Excellence at ISB.Our ultimate goal is to have the outcomes of such research influence and inform business practices and policies in India and other emerging markets. This article outlines such a research-based policy initiative. The initiative draws on the findings of research I have undertaken at the Centre for Analytical Finance (CAF) at the ISB, often with other colleagues at ISB and outside.The policy recommendations highlighted in the article were developed when I was working with the Raghuram Rajan Committee on Indian financial sector reform.  The recommendations were accepted by the committee and are included in the committee report presented to the Prime Minister of India in 2008.


  • Sankar-de

    Sankar De

    Clinical Professor and Executive Director of the Centre for Analytical Finance (CAF) at the Indian School of Business (ISB).
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