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Past Issue • Oct-Dec 2015

A City Manager’s Manual: Challenges, Opportunities And The Way Forward

To understand the tightrope that is urban growth management, consider the case of Charlottesville, Virginia, seat of a metropolitan statistical area of under 200000 people at the beginning of the millennium. In 2004, Charlottesville found itself ranked on the top of a list of over 400 metropolitan areas in the United States of America and Canada.
The result: housing prices boomed and the cost of living saw sharp escalations. The historic city, once home of two US Presidents, including Thomas Jefferson, and currently the address of the University of Virginia, witnessed an infl ux of newcomers it could barely keep up with. So much so, that when just a couple of years later, the city came under consideration for inclusion in a list of “best places to raise a family in the US”, local Chamber of Commerce members had to plead: “Don’t make us number one again – we just don’t need the growth!”

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